Linen Towels
Antique Linens
Table Linens
This is a set of 12 small and 9 large linen
From a prominent estate.
The hand embroidery is in a Appenzell
style with center monogram.
Linens with the royal crown suggests the
high social status of the family.
There were few sets made with the
crown embroidered on them.
White linen with a shaded embroidery.
9 Large rounds 11 1/4 in, small 6 in
Yellow Linen Place Mat Set
This is a Marghab design, these may be
Marghab or Madiera Linen
Pretty lite lemon colored set with the
wheat design
Set of 4 mats & 4 napkins
Very good condition
Tea time! This is a tea tray size placemat
with two linen napkins.
The strawberry motif shows bright red
strawberries and pale green leaves. The
hand embroidery is perfection. And the linen
is soft to the touch and of the highest
Tea tray mat 20 in x 14 in, napkins 12 in
Antique Cocktail Napkins Wine
Glass rounds
Lovely set with a Lady feeding a Deer and also
shows her holding a bird. These are completely
hand sewn.
The center is fine white linen
Finished with a lovely lace trim border. Some of
the stitching is a grey color thread.
Very good condition
Set of 6
10 in diameter
Vintage Madeira Strawberry Placemat
and Napkin Set
Oh so beautiful table linen placemat and napkin set of
16pcs. These are hand embroidered with wonderful
strawberry design, bright and fun, on fine white linen.
Expert hand embroidery
Placemats 18 3/4 in x 13 in, napkins 16 in square
Vintage Pink Madiera Linen Tea Set
Very pretty pink linen, hand embroidered placemat
and two napkins for serving tea.
Perfect hand embroidery
Very good condition
Pretty Green Linen Hand Embdoidery

This is a pretty set with the finast quality hand
embroidery on soft linen. Life like green leaves.
Cocktail mats, or salad mats.
Excellant condition.
set of 12