Vintage and Antique Lace & Linens, for the table,
bedroom and bath.
Also Antique fabrics, textiles and hand embroidery.
Silk ribbon trims, metallics, hand embroidered and
beaded trims.
Vintage fun prints and vintage clothing.

Quality is what vintage and antique lace and linen depicts.
These hand made pieces are a a part of women's history. Most
of these items were made by womens hands. And the earlier
machine manufacturers of linen and weaves are almost all
Antique & Vintage lace, linens and textiles have stood the test
of time, and that shows best in their quality. Antique ribbons
and trims are so beautiful, and the designs vary from each
industry to reproduce today. I love all these pieces, and invite
you to look and see what you Enjoy!   
Cynthia's Antiques and Textiles